Why It’s Important to Have Thick Skin With Illness

People will talk regardless of your feelings. They will say the meanest things even though you’re sick, and most people say it without understanding. Being sick is really hard. Your physical appearance may change and that’s what gets people talking. You may loose or gain weight, get dark circles under your eyes and so much more. It is so important to be comfortable with your own body. It’s hard for a lot of people like me, because my body is forever changing. I’ve heard people say the meanest things, and do them as well.

You also have thick skin because you will spend a lot of time alone when you’re sick. My advice is to try to turn a negative into a positive. Well, its hard to turn every negative into a positive, but try to turn most of them in. For example, a big negative is my illness and everything that comes along with it. Most people would sit around and mope about themselves. I have turned it into many positives. My first positive is I’ve become more aware of what I eat and what I put in my body. My next is I have pushed myself to exercise (under my doctor’s discretion) as much as I can–even when I feel awful. Lastly, my illness has brought me my amazing blog. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have over 1,000 of you listen to my daily rants!! Thank you so much! So now, hold your head high and make those negatives into positives!!!!

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