~Why I Wear Make Up~



Hey Guys! I haven’t been as active in the past 48 hours because of the lack of sleep I’ve been getting. Eventually, think I will write a piece on side effects of medications and dealing with them since that’s what I’ve been going through. But I wanted to give you guys a little something else. It’s probably going to be somewhat short because I’m so so so so tired haha.

Make up is such a fun thing for some people. For me it’s an addiction or an obsession depending on how you look at it. I love watching how to videos and buying make up. I’ve learned so much from watching videos about contour to false lashes. When I got sick, on my good days I loved wearing make up. To this day no matter if I’m having a good or bad day I still put on makeup. Why? Because it makes me FEEL GOOD. Even if I feel yucky, at least I have make up to feel good on the outside. I do this because sometimes my face swell or I turn pale but my make up will look this same.

My advice is to find something you love or something that makes you feel better when you’re sick or down about life. It could be a hobby from painting to shopping (which can be a problem for me sometimes) or watching a movie or tv show. When you do or watch something you love, you get a positive feeling! It’s important to stay in good spirits when you’re going through a tough time. Being positive gets you a lot further than being grumpy and pessimistic.


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