Why I Love Make Up

Well, this is more of an obsession than love. Since I haven’t been well enough to go back to school I have to figure out how to spend my time. Most of the time I literally do nothing–scroll on my phone and that’s about it. When I get that burst of energy I’ll either try to tire myself out (it’s super easy literally just do something or go one place). Or I’ll do my make up. Honestly, my make up makes me feel so much better. Just because I don’t feel good, doesn’t mean I can’t look good.

Make up to me hides the sick person I am and makes me a different person on the outside. I really love all the different things you can do with make up. My favorite thing to do is contour. I love contour because even though I have gained so much weight it can make my face look smaller and more drastic. I just feel like make up can transform me into a different person temporarily.

Most of the time I don’t even have the energy to straighten my hair or put make up on. I really am super washed out or super flushed most of the time with some dark circles. With makeup, I can wipe the evidence of my disease away (for the most part, not really but still sort of.) I believe you need to keep yourself busy and not dwell on your illness. I don’t want to see around and think about what I am missing out on so I distract myself. Basically make up takes me to “la la land” and helps me forget about what I am going through. So when I walk into Ulta or Sephora I really feel like a different person. I know that’s kind of crazy but it’s true. I get so distracted that I really forget what is happening in my life. I just think about all of the products I could use and what I need to teach myself to do. I am thinking of starting to add more make up and beauty blog posts to my blog. I know this blog is mainly about what I am going through but my blog is me. And make up is a part of my life.

Mainly what I am trying to get you to take away from this post is to find something you are passionate about. It can really help you with what you’re going through and add some positivity to your life. You can’t just sit around and feel sorry for yourself all of the time. Do something with your life and get out there.


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