Why I Go To School

I get asked this a lot. Why are you in school? How are you in school? I am asked this because most people wouldn’t be able to keep it together enough to go to school with the chronic illness I have.

I made my goal to finish college basically on time. I think that even though your life may be falling apart around you–it doesn’t mean quit. Sure it’s really hard getting up everyday and brushing my teeth but I also have to have a purpose. I don’t want to sit in my house all day and dwell on the fact that I am sick. It’s not fun and it’s something that people won’t want to be around.

Lately it has been extremely hard to go to school. I’ve been out weeks on end due to my flare up (which has been lasting months) and my IVIG sessions. I’ve been extremely lucky that my professors are letting me do my work from home. I do have a ton of work to catch up on over Thanksgiving Break and now since I am not going back until after Thanksgiving. So between my blog, my twitter, and my homework I am plenty busy.

The point is everyone has a purpose. I believe part of my purpose is to share my story and how I cope and deal with life. It is super important to keep yourself busy when you are sick. If you don’t you will go insane. I’ve been extremely lucky with my blog and having so many followers listen to my story. I am so glad to have this as a part of my life and it’s something I love doing. Depending on how I feel I do go in and out of wanting to blog but I am glad it’s something that I will always have.


6 thoughts on “Why I Go To School

  1. You are an inspiration to people who are unwell, good for you, fighting on, you should be VERY proud of yourself, when you are well you should consider mentoring, I think you could help other very much indeed x

  2. what an inspiration you are! i love the out look you have. sure you could just sit at home and wallow in the fact that you’re sick, i think a lot of people would. yet you choose to expand your knowledge and i think that’s wonderful. I’m glad your professors are really understanding about you missing class or falling behind in the course work. hope you’re able to catch up over your break while also getting a chance to relax and recharge xx

    mich / simplymich.com

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