Why Heat Waves Suck

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Summer, it’s a season most people love. For me, I love it when it’s not too hot out, so maybe I like spring better and the beginning of summer. I used to like summer until it took a toll on my health. One time when I was going to see my doctor, I felt awful. I didn’t understand why I felt so good the day before and horrible the day after. Another time, I went to the pool with my friend and 4 hours later I was down for the count. I learned from my doctor heat gets to autoimmune people. I am someone who gets dehydrated so quickly. A new thing that happens to me is that I get super dizzy at random times or when I stand up from a sitting position. I didn’t understand why that was happening to me. My doctor suggested that I drink two gatorades a day (G2 for me cause I like cutting calories). He said he is not a fan of salt tablets so this was an alternative so I could  be on one less pill.

The gatorade has been life changing for me (this is not an ad and I was not sponsored I swear). This dizziness has mostly gone away, and I am way more hydrated then I have been in a while. Today is one of the hottest days where I live and I have to be prepared because the hottest days are some of my worst days. Right now as I write this, my head hurts and I am pretty dizzy sipping on my first gatorade of the day. On the hottest days, if I am outside (even at the pool) I have to drink a gatorade an hour (isn’t that crazy?!). But today, I’ll probably have to do that indoors since I’m pretty dizzy as well. I also have to drink as much water as I do gatorade so pretty sure I’ll be turning into water soon.


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  1. Although I don’t have an autoimmune disease, I do have a pretty severe case of hypoglycemia and I’ve found that downing a Gatorade and some peanut butter when I feel myself getting dizzy, feel a migraine coming on, or feel unusually tired helps a lot! I’m glad you’ve got something that works for you! 💗

    1. I have hypoglycemia too so I understand where you are coming from in a way. I am sorry you have to deal with that but thank you so much for the wonderful tips!

  2. Ditto on the heat thing, and the dizzy thing. I’ve tried Gatorade (and coconut water and some other electrolyte type drinks), but I really struggle to get them down. I prefer water (still and sparkling), coffee, and tea to drink, none of them sweetened. Mostly, I just take it slow on extreme days. Like today. (Sigh.)

    My entire temperature regulation system has gone wacky from autoimmune disease. I get too hot. I also get too cold.

    It was worse when I was on prednisone for a few months that first year. I had a hot flash every day about 90 minutes after I took it. I’d have to change my shirt because I got all sweaty! (I started wearing yesterday’s clothes for the first hour of the day, THEN getting dressed properly after morning carpool. LOL)

    1. I feel you on all of that! I am struggling with body heat issues. At night I’ll wake up at least once with cold sweats. I know its so hard to get down gatorade and stuff I’d prefer water, but it’s not good enough for me I guess haha. Thats pretty funny with the clothes, I understand I am allergic to triptans so that would happen to me!

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