Why Boys Suck

Since y’all really liked my past post about boys, I felt like this may be a good idea. You see right now I’m pretty sure I’m being played. (Okay I do feel a little bit like Taylor Swift right now since I’m talking about it to thousands of you in hundreds countries). So I’m picky as it is and I met this guy I thought was super cool. We were supposed to hang out again Friday but I’ve barely heard from him. He said we are all good, yet that’s the only thing he ever said. I’m just gonna move on but this is actually why I don’t trust boys. They say things they actually don’t mean which is highly annoying. This is the time to find yourself so there is really no sense and chasing after someone else. We are only young once and we have to enjoy every moment. Why wonder around miserable because of the way someone treats you? I mean yes I’m a hypocrite but it’s true. If you just think about how much time you’ve spent on people that don’t matter in your life, it’s probably been a lot. You could’ve spent that time on something more worth it. Bottom line, don’t let anyone treat you like shit (friends too). 


2 thoughts on “Why Boys Suck

  1. Someone once said to me, don’t spend time worrying about someone who’s not worrying about your. Which to me was super difficult, as I have anxiety and worry about everything anyway. But as you said, someone willing to invest the time who aren’t willing to invest the time and energy aren’t worth it. As I’ve gotten older (38 now), I’ve learned my circle of trusted people has gotten increasingly smaller, but those people are steadfast, and that’s worth so much more. Sorry you’re dealing with this. People really do suck sometimes!

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