Who inspires me

There are actually a lot of people who inspire me. First off, my mom inspires me. She is my best friend and she’s put up with so much. I know I have been a burden on her everyday life especially since I’ve been sick, so thank you for everything you do Mom. The next is def my dad. He puts others before himself and that’s a hard thing to do. I miss them both so much. Also my grandma is pretty cool. She’s 90 and still on top of her game so hopefully I got those genes. Famous wise I’m not really sure who inspires me. I feel like if you know the person it’s more genuine. Who inspires you?? 


2 thoughts on “Who inspires me

  1. I have always felt that people who can inspire us the most are those who are around us. Those who have circumstances and situations similar to ours.
    May they keep inspiring you to be the “best you”..

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