What It’s Like To See Kanye West Live

For months, I had waited for this. For a little bit I had a bit of a Kanye West obsession. I knew every word to every song and every fact about Mr. West. I absolutely could not wait for his show.

As I stood in my $60 Saint Pablo shirt~ I waited for Yeezus to take the stage. This was not a concert, it was an experience. I got to stand on the floor and only a few feet below the famed rapper. I ran back and forth and followed the stage since it moved. It almost felt like a celebration of life. I had forgotten all my worries and just had fun (minus the fact I almost passed out before the show because I had walking pneumonia).

Even if you don’t like Kanye I would recommend seeing a show for the atmosphere and his rants. It was probably my favorite concert hands down.


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