What It’s Like To Give Yourself A Shot

I don’t think anyone likes the idea of needle going into their skin. When I was a kid, I was petrified of needles, having to be held down for each shot I got. I would have never thought an injection would be my life line when I feel my worst. To this day, I cannot look at blood being drawn or an injection in my arm. When I learned that I was going to have to give myself injections I was terrified. I remember the first time I had to give myself an injection. I was in my dorm alone, learning on FaceTime with my dad (he’s a physician not to worry). You have to be strong and confident to give yourself an injection because if you mess up–it could be very bad.

Now, I’ve given myself multiple injections like a pro. It still does terrify me, but I just tell myself “I got this” and get it over with. I think that I would do almost anything to get relief from the pain and soreness of my body attacking itself. It’s crazy to think that your body cares so much about you (or hates you depending on how you wanna think about it) that it goes into overdrive to try to protect you.


7 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Give Yourself A Shot

  1. I often thing about how I would deal with having to give myself a shot if I had to. I’m fine with someone else doing it, but the thought of poking myself with a needle makes me squeamish. I’m sure your body prepares you when you have to do what you have to do.

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