Weight Loss Week #1

Hey guys-

So I have officially been on weight watchers for a week. I didn’t completely keep it strict but I learned I need to. I am only down 1.3 pounds. My illness does have an impact on this making it harder for me to loose weight until I get my infusions but I am still not going to give up. At least it didn’t go up. I just have to be more strict keeping my points and measuring to a tee. I also have not been feeling well this week, so thats been part of it too. Oh well, hoping next week I loose more. Hope you all are having a good week. Happy Tuesday!!


18 thoughts on “Weight Loss Week #1

  1. Okay, here are my thoughts: you have to use your points for the day–don’t try to think less is more because it’s not; freestyle does not mean free foods–zero point foods (call them zero foods ant free) have calories so you can overeat (stick to the portion size recommended); use the phone application to track and try to get a blue dot every day (that way you know you are eating in the healthy zone.) Finally, set goals with a prize that has nothing to do with weight–I set January until Spring Break not missing a meeting and awarded myself with a nose piercing. I am now about 5 pounds from Lifetime (for the 4th or 5th time–let’s not go there) and when I reach it–a small tattoo on my right arm! Just breathe and be kind to yourself.

    1. That’s awesome Suzanne! I know I’m working on staying in the points within a healthy range. I’m a picky eater and I don’t over eat the zero points really at all. I’ve been doing pretty well—the weight isn’t going to come off easy because I’m not in remission and colitis makes you gain weight not loose. I’m just gonna keep trying my best! Thanks for keeping up with me and keep up the great work!

  2. There is an easier way to lose weight. Veganism. I created a vegan diet called the Growing Vegan Diet, for myself and since May 10th, 2018 have lost nearly 100 pounds! I almost am off all my diabetic medications (A1C of 5.8, down from as high as 10), got off insulin in 8 days and cured neuropathy in that amount of time, too. I am reversing all of my obesity related diseases according to my doctor’s labs. I am tweaking the diet to make it the healthiest it can be. I don’t food restrict either, 2-4 times a month I indulge in meats and meat byproducts and several times a month eat junk foods. Willpower is too hard of a way to lose weight for me. I tried that for 20+ years, literally. I write about my weight loss and the creation of the Growing Vegan Diet on my website on WordPress, every Tuesday.

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