Trendy Stores For Less


Before we get into some great stores, I just wanted to say-ALWAYS TAKE advantage of sales they are seriously thebomdotcom! But here are some great stores I’ve personally found some good stuff at.


Okay, I kinda have an addiction to TJ Maxx. I spend HOURS in there between all of the beauty products, shoes, and clothes. Recently I got a pair of cute Lucky Brand sandals that were $80, A ripped Jean jacket for $25 and I got them for $31. I also got Chi Heat Protectant for around $15 instead of $20. Can’t go wrong with TJ Maxx. (They have lots of designers like Michael Kors as well).


I’d say to look in the sale section of Windsor. They have super trendy stuff for cheap. I recently got an all black body suit to pair with my ripped jean jacket and a cute off the shoulder shirt.

3. South Moon Under

LOVE LOVE LOVE. It can be super expensive, so wait for sales to come around. You can really find some great Free People clothing. (Also, look at Nordstrom rack for free people & other designer stuff)

4. Express

These is for more basic clothing. I’d shop here for basic staples for your closet. I love when they are having sales!

5. H&M

Also a great place to shop for staples.

6. Forever 21

This place is a little too disorganized for me but you can find some good trends cheaply made and for a VERY cheap price. Things here tend to be under $40.

7. Zara

LOVE LOVE LOVE. You have to dig and the sales can be overwhelming but you can find some good quality trendy clothing.

8. Second Hand Stores-AKA Uptown Cheapskate

Uptown Cheapskate is a hit or miss but really cool. You can donate your clothes for money or shop there. They have everything from Lululemon apparel to Louis Vuitton and all at a reasonable price. Stuff varies depending on your location.


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  1. I am amazed. I read you. Although I am older, I am struggling with my own condition. Diagnosed 6 years ago – Parkinson – you are much younger but even when you’re 50 like me, it is too hard too soon. I wish you strength. You are strong and beautiful, don’t lose faith.

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