The Struggle of Wanting & Reality

Picture this: you are all ready to go out, it’s a Friday night and you gathered a group of friends to come to yours before. You struggled picking out your outfit, blowing out your hair and doing your make up. This process took about 2 hours. After you’re all finished you realize you’re ready to go to bed. Well….that’s me right now. I just don’t even want to go out anymore. It literally took all of the energy out of me (getting ready). But then the aniexty kicks in “this is why no one ever includes you or invites you” “you suck” “you’re so antisocial” “you’re closed off”. The list keeps going and going in my head. I honestly have no idea what to do. My head says you need to go put yourself out there and have fun, while my heart says go to bed this tired you out. Which do I choose? To be left out or to go to sleep? 


5 thoughts on “The Struggle of Wanting & Reality

  1. Go out for a little bit and then go home. It is not always either or. You got this. Going out isn’t everything but it is nice to see friends. OR sleep tonight and go for drinks with a friend or two after work. That may be more meaningful per energy exertion. ❤

    1. Thank you! I ended up staying in last night but I’m going to try to go out tonight. I stayed in bed all day so hopefully this works out!

  2. So true!! I don’t know if it’s because I partied a lot in my 20s but now I prefer to stay home! What I have started doing is going out with a few people and the ones who matter and not every weekend. Maybe alternate weekends?

    1. Yeah you’re right—I’ve partied a little bit but it’s quite exhausting for me now. I think that’s a smart choice I’ll either do that or I’ll go out once a week! Thanks for the advice!

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