The Ocean

Tonight I was at the ocean and realized how disturbingly beautiful it was. You couldn’t see past the dark and it just felt like nothing was past a certain point. The wind picked up so it looked like the ocean was really angry. It made me realize how fast and precious life is. As my dad would say, “we only have one shot, so don’t screw it up.” I’ve come so far in my treatment and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’ve had some of my darkest times in my late teens and early twenties that it’s time for improvement. I hope it keeps getting better so I get to have more opportunities through out life. I know my body is looking after me because it’s attacking me thinking I’m sick and trying to fight back. Clearly it’s super unnecessary, but at least my body is looking after me in some way. Never in a million years, I would’ve thought I’d end up in this position. I’m so grateful I at least got to have a taste of what “normal” is/was. But at the same time I’ve gotten to learn more important lessons than the average person. I’ve become grateful for everything, especially my good days. I’ve been so lucky to have more good days than bad lately. Alright, it’s pretty late here so I’m going to try to go to sleep. Goodnight guys!!


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