The Lowest Lows

Well this week has been anything but okay. Things keep running in my head and I just want to be normal. I feel so isolated and I miss out on so many opportunities because everything is “too much” for me. I feel like I’ve had to grow up so fast that I haven’t been able to make mistakes and live like I’m young. It’s something that no one can really relate to or understand which makes it a lot harder. I think back to all the lowest lows I’ve had in the past month and it makes me so sick. It’s not like I’m trying to have a pity party but I can’t rely on anyone because they will never understand. I feel like I’m missing out on life when I miss out on opportunities. Everyone that I know really takes life for granted. I wish I had “normal” problems but I know I never will. 


12 thoughts on “The Lowest Lows

  1. Sorry you’re struggling. For what it’s worth I totally understand what you are going through. I’m middle aged but I lost my bladder at 28 and all the things that led up to that and since then have robbed me of a lot of life. Having said that, as a result I’ve done some things that I may never have because of what been robbed such as starting my own little candle business 🙂 Just want you to know that you’re not alone.

    1. Thanks for the comment!! I really appreciate you sharing your story. I would love to check out your candle business!

      1. I totally get it. Hope you get some time to rest this weekend. I’m so so I guess. I’ve been really busy the last two days so I’m kind of looking forward to some downtime tomorrow.

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