The Lower Lows

Hey guys-

Well I am home for thanksgiving!! I haven’t been feeling good the past few days, and when I get that way I get nostalgic and sad. I made a big mistake this week and I knew I was gonna pay. I knew I was gonna pay bad, so I called my parents up at 1 am crying. I forgot to refill pills, and did not have enough for that night. I had so much aniexty when I realized I had made that mistake and I flipped out. I thought I was gonna feel awful but it’s been a little better than what I thought, but still not good. Last night (after a full night of these pills), I woke up at 4 am with the absolute 10/10 worst headache in the back right side of my head. I tried to prop up pillows, change positions, etc.– nothing worked! So I did what most people don’t do and gave myself an injection at 4 am. It eventually kicked in but I have not been feeling so great today. I didn’t get my gatorade until later so I was dizzy and just felt awful and right now my head burns. These are the days that make my best days worth it. Always keep positive!!

Sydney Kligman


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