The Feeling of Frustration

Hey guys-

Well I have a lot I am frustrated about. First off, I ate something I am allergic to so I’ve been having a fun day. But not only that, I’ve been excessively exhausted and fatigued. I have been sleeping so much that it’s just absolutely crazy to me that I could be so tired. I basically even skipped out on going out this weekend I was such a mess. I did go out for one hour, and the pictures I took didn’t even look like me and I knew I was down for the count. Today I have a minor headache, I was super disorientated this morning–unaware that I was taking the opposite road I was supposed to, to get somewhere. But I think the worst feeling is having to stay in bed and have no one around. I am supposed to be at sorority stuff or hanging with my friends, and once again, I am in bed alone. I mean I do a lot of stuff but I kept this weekend low key, so I am kind of bored. I learned that I have to have a lot of plans to be satisfied, and to feel like I can keep up. Side note: whoever is my neighbor was so annoying this weekend from blaring music to popping bottles of champagne at 3:30 in the morning–I was ready to scream.  I actually got this thing thats like apple tv (called roku). I can plug headphones into the remote and I was considering that but the music finally stopped. Other than that, I am very happy that my house didn’t get blown away still, so there is a plus. I think I am just having a rough period of adjusting with my health, new diagnosis, and school. When I was in school in the spring, I had no idea what was going on and I was violently sick. Now, I know what I have and I know my limits so it’s a lot to still get used to. Anyways, my rant is over! Sorry guys!!! I hope this was some what interesting to you.



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