The Benefits of Keeping a Food Diary


Hey guys! I never thought much about a food diary until my doctor asked me to start keeping one. Food can trigger flares in my autoimmune disease and migraines. I didn’t really understand the impact of foods with diseases before keeping a diary. (Note: This is advice from my experience. Talk to your doctor before alternating your everyday lifestyle.)

Here are somethings I’ve learned so far since keeping a food diary:

1. Food can correlate with how you feel.

Right now, I am working with my doctor to weed out any of my “trigger foods”. We have found that nuts and nut products really effect my body. Things that I eliminated for a short time but did not have any effect on me included: chocolate, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, aged cheese, high fructose corn syrup and aged meats. For my own sake I’ve kept a few of these off my list anyway to live a health life style. I’ve also eliminated all processed foods, bad carbs (such as cupcakes, cookies, cakes etc.) and bad sugars (no soda, candy, etc.)

2. A Diary can show you how much you eat a day

Whether you want to eat more or less a diary can help you with that. By tracking your food intake you are making yourself more aware of what you’re putting in your body.

3. Tracking your sleep correlates with how much you eat

I track my sleep in my food diary for a multitude of reasons. I am a really bad sleeper so I can see the patterns of my bad nights and why they’re bad. It is recommended that adults should get at least 8 hours and kids more.

4. Tracking your weight corresponds with food as well

Did you eat 4 cupcakes on Wednesday and a whole pint of ice cream Friday? Now you know why you gained a couple of pounds and you know to fix your habits. I love tracking why my weight goes up and down. Right now, I am up a few pounds because I’m sick and have to take salt in so I am swollen.

The reason this information is help is because it can help you in the future. Now you know whether to eat the cupcake or not. Or what foods make you not feel as well. My advice is to keep a food diary whether you’re sick or not.


3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Keeping a Food Diary

  1. Food absolutely affects my immediate physical health. I learned that with migraines at age 20. I helped myself reduce autoimmune disease symptoms via diet at 40.

    I blogged about it, too.

    Consider a symptom tracking app, as well. I used Symple. You tell it what you want to track (headache, specific joint pains, insomnia, etc.) The app then prompts you to indicate symptoms four times per day. The app worked better for me than manual tracking in a notebook ever did.

    Tracking food by snapping a photo of every meal and snack is also game changing!

    1. Oh my gosh I will read what you wrote as well! Thank you for the helpful tip thats amazing I am going to for sure download it.

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