Thankful Thursday!

Hi Guys- I am going to list somethings I am super thankful for in honor of my October blogging challenge!

  1. My family- my brother, my mom, my dad, and of course my grandma (cause she is reading)
  2. My friends-new and old they all mean the absolute world to me!
  3. My dog-Coco I miss you!
  4. My health and my team of doctors-this is such a blessing in many ways 
  5. My medicine-literally a life saver
  6. My school-the happiest place on earth!!
  7. Florida-cheers to the sunshine state!
  8. My car
  9. My apartment
  10. My pool
  11. Healthy eating
  12. Exercise- did 43 floors on the stair master
  13. My professors
  14. My fish

If you guys can’t tell I am so thankful for everything and more in my life! What are you guys thankful for!


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