Tests on Tests on Tests

So today I am doing a cleanse for my video-capsule endoscopy. I can’t tell you how many crazy cleanses I’ve had to do in the past two months. Thank goodness this is my last one!! Tonight, I am going to a support group for people like me. Since I have a new disease, it is very rare to find people who understand and have similar situations to me.

As for a gluten update: it’s going REALLY well. I am still looking for good foods to make my list for you guys, but I think I am almost there.

As for my routine: I am still not in a good routine between these tests and hosting guest this past week I am completely burnt out. I really haven’t been this tired in a long long time. It’s like dead tired. Completely burnt out.

Anyways I’ll get into a better routine once this test is over tomorrow!!



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