My Deepest Struggle~

This is a really rough topic for me. Tears are flowing down my face because of it. When I had my first flare in autoimmune disease I gained ALOT of weight. To me, its my worst nightmare and I never want to go back. The past two years, I dropped 50+ pounds and became really […]

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*Insert Weight Break Down Here*

Ugh, okay guys I’m about to get really real here. I hardcore struggle with my weight and have been for a long time. Sometimes I’m super heavy and others I’m super skinny. A lot of people don’t know that it’s medication related. Some of my medicines have made me loose a bunch of weight and […]

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How to Maintain Your Weight While Sick

  Disclaimer: I am not a professional dietician or trainer. This are just tips that work for me. Always consult your doctor before making changes to your diet or exercise.  Move Around! Whether its one mile or a walk to your mailbox and back its always important to keep your body moving. Even on my […]

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