My Deepest Struggle~

This is a really rough topic for me. Tears are flowing down my face because of it. When I had my first flare in autoimmune disease I gained ALOT of weight. To me, its my worst nightmare and I never want to go back. The past two years, I dropped 50+ pounds and became really […]

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*Insert Weight Break Down Here*

Ugh, okay guys I’m about to get really real here. I hardcore struggle with my weight and have been for a long time. Sometimes I’m super heavy and others I’m super skinny. A lot of people don’t know that it’s medication related. Some of my medicines have made me loose a bunch of weight and […]

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Finding Your Niche in an Isolating Situation

When thinking of a next article, I really wanted to think of a topic to apply to anyone’s life situation. Whether your home sick from school with a virus, in a bad place in life, or chronically ill like me, there’s still so much you can do to find a safe haven for yourself. Finding […]

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