Why I Love Make Up

Well, this is more of an obsession than love. Since I haven’t been well enough to go back to school I have to figure out how to spend my time. Most of the time I literally do nothing–scroll on my phone and that’s about it. When I get that burst of energy I’ll either try […]

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The Denial

Well guys, I got a letter today. A letter that I knew would come yet, really hope it would not. A letter that held something essential to my life. I got my first denial letter for IVIG. The doctors said that this would happen. After all it is a $20,000 treatment. But IVIG is my […]

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Finding Your Niche in an Isolating Situation

When thinking of a next article, I really wanted to think of a topic to apply to anyone’s life situation. Whether your home sick from school with a virus, in a bad place in life, or chronically ill like me, there’s still so much you can do to find a safe haven for yourself. Finding […]

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