What It’s Like To Go Through Monthly IVIG Infusions

Hey guys! I didn’t think I would feel well enough to write anything but I actually don’t feel horrible. Just very tired. But I am going to explain to you what I go through every month. IVIG is stands for IV Immunoglobulin. What they basically do is spin out the Immunoglobulin of people who donate […]

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What’s Has Been Happening Lately

Why I Haven’t Posted Lately I know I really haven’t written anything in a few weeks but I just have been doing worse with my fatigue. At my apartment at school I can barely take care of myself at this point and it feels like it keeps getting harder and harder to do stuff. I […]

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Greetings From The Hospital

Well guys I know it’s been a minute. I am in the hospital so I’ve been a little busy. Everything is okay, no worries. I just started treatment!! It’s exciting and scary at the same time. The side effects aren’t horrible (knock on wood) I’ve been pretty lucky. For those of you who don’t know […]

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