Fab Fit Fun Box Fall 2018

Sooo after seeing this EVERYWHERE I decided to a give a box a go, and see what I get. I did get some great stuff and I cannot wait to start using it. My box retailed at: $369.99. I LITERALLY got EVERYTHING for $39.99. If you’re interested use my code: http://xo.fff.me/kxXXZ. Lets take a look at all the good stuff […]

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Making a Bucket List

This summer my goal is to make a bucket list to do sometime this year. It’s such a great idea to make really fun memories and try new things. I am going to provide a make-your-own bucket list with some ideas. Good luck! Go to a concert with one of your favorite artist     […]

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~Why I Wear Make Up~

  Hey Guys! I haven’t been as active in the past 48 hours because of the lack of sleep I’ve been getting. Eventually, think I will write a piece on side effects of medications and dealing with them since that’s what I’ve been going through. But I wanted to give you guys a little something […]

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