Systematic Nervous Systems Suck

It’s 3:10 am where I live and I’ve been up around 3 times already. Every night, this has become a normal routine. I usually wake up in the most uncomfortable cold sweats. It feels like I am fighting off a virus. This is because my systematic nervous system over reacts due to my autoimmune disease.

So, what is a systematic nervous system?? Everyone has one. It’s main purpose is to activate the body’s fight against something. The systematic nervous system has two other systems involved called the autonomic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system (yes, I googled it what do you expect??). The autonomic system creates the essential internal organs (like your kidneys, blood vessels, etc.). The parasympathetic conserves energy. Well, lucky me my systematic nervous system messes up every night!!!

Apparently, mine is supposed to get better as my therapeutic blood level gets into the proper therapeutic range. I feel like a lot of people take sleep for granted. Sleep is so so important. It gives your body a chance to repair itself, which clearly mine has doesn’t know how to do. I can’t wait for a good full night’s sleep. I don’t think all ever take my sleep for granted again. Gotta go finish trying to catch those ZZZ’s!


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