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So sleepiness has been a huge issue for me. I am ALWAYS tired. No matter what, even a few cups of coffee and yes, even when I was on adderall. I just can’t wake up. I even have to take naps. I feel like sometimes if I don’t sleep as much I can get more done. It def has to do with my autoimmune disease and that I guess makes it harder. If anyone has any suggestions that would help please please let me know! As for right now, I am drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and praying for the best haha.



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  1. Do you have low adrenal function? I am trained in functional nutrition and some of the symptoms of low adrenal function is sensitivity to bright light, pain to touch in inner knee, blood pressure drops some when you go from laying down to standing up, morning or late afternoon tiredness. These are just symptoms, and you don’t have to necessarily have them all. Many people with auto-immune issues have low functioning adrenals and they are set up to create cortisone for flight or fight. But when we have auto immune issues, every day is flight or fight, and the adrenals get tired.

    Ashwaganda, an Indian herb is a great adaptagen, to help rebuild the adrenal glands, and Rhodiola is another herb that is an adaptagen and helpful. I don’t think you eat much sugar, as sugar and pushing caffeine are hard on your adrenals. Good fats and protein give you more sustained energy. Hemp seeds are good for good fats and protein. Using coconut oil for cooking is a good fat, too.

    1. Thank you for the information! I actually have POTS (which is my blood pressure dropping from laying down to sitting up) so I get dizzy and light headed a lot. Right now I have to drink 40 ounces of Gatorade a day and my doctor wants me to drink more because my heart rate is so so high. I love everything sweet but yes I don’t eat a lot of sugar. So kind of at a dead end. I will look for the two herbs. Is there anything special I am supposed to do with the herbs?

      1. You can find more natural drinks rather than Gatorade. Grr fir a doctor recommending a high sugar, food dye filled mess to help with health. There are much better electrolyte and micro mineral drinks. I use a good micro mineral liquid in my water and like the powder ultima for electrolyte. Meditation, guided visualization, heart math exercises, stress release techniques are all helpful to slow your heart rate down. Those herbs are helpful as well. The bottles would recommend dosage. I’d recommend finding a good Natura path or holistic MD.

        You can find some stress release techniques on my website.

      2. I actually need the sugar and a bunch of salt which is why he makes me drink it! I’m usually a water girl but I’ve had to switch that up lately. I’m super dehydrated always and very shaky as well. Where do I find the powder? GNC? Thank you so much for your advice!!! I will look at your website 🙂

      3. No one needs white sugar. Read up on it, how it robs nutrients, is really one of the most toxic addictive substances. Honey is much better of a sweet. Himalayan salt and micro minerals are much better salts. Sounds like you aren’t processing salt, low on potassium, too. That’s why I recommend a good holistic doctor or naturapath. I don’t like gnc. Vitamin shoppe or a good health food stire, whole foods, etc have ultima.

        Gatorade will cause more problems than it will solve. Sugar will raise your blood sugar levels, hard on your pancreas, hard on other nutrients that you need for your heart, your immune system.

      1. I understand but to tell someone to load up on sugar, destroying an already weak body is just wrong. I grew up in the AMA toxic medical system and would have been dead by 30 if I’d stayed with their poisonous system and not sought out alternatives.

      2. Everyone needs to make their own decisions. I grew up in ER’s and hospitals. My 21 year old brother walked into a hospital with an asthma attack and the doctor killed him, gave him too much medicine, moved he and his family the next day. If I had stayed on with only AMA health care, just as they told my parents, I’d be dead at 30. I’m 66, have 50 % lung capacity but unlike others with that issue, I am fully active everyday.

        At age 22 I started looking for other answers, seeking spiritual as well as alternative medicine help. As I learned, I added it to my own healing practice as well as helping myself.

        I have seen so many issues with AMA health care, their being in bed with the pharmaceutical companies, along with the GMO chemical industry sick tie in with our food system.

        Here is one article about gatorade, Ive read others:

      3. I just want to remind you that I”m not a doctor. I’ve had a healing practice for almost 40 years, and have been my own patient as well. If you can find a good holistic Dr. or Naturapath it would be best. Do not believe a diagnosis of that you will be ill the rest of your life. Do not believe that you need to put toxic stuff into your system, stuff that will make you more ill in the long run. That is the issue with AMA medicine. It is based on chemicals that make a profit for doctors, pharmaceutical reps and owners, and deals with symptoms. It does not look for cures. I am grateful for medications and still take some but I know that ultimately, it is my spiritual work and the alternatives that I use that give me quality of life and ultimately will lead me to full health.

        Check out the news on how many holistic Doctors have been killed in the last several years, supposedly killing themselves in ways that are impossible to do to yourself. All these doctors were finding cures for people, helping people get well,.

        With a complicated issue like you have though, and all you’ve gone through to be able to go to school, etc. it is best to have someone knowledgeable guiding you.

        I and others can make suggestions but your system might not respond well to the suggestions. It gets tricky and sometimes expensive to find the right combo.

        I wish you the best.

  2. Oh girl, I know how you feel. My sleepiness right now is due to my non sleeping baby girl so it’s not quite the same. But I am always tired and find it so hard to get through my days! I am home with two little girls and am so consumed by sleepiness I don’t know how I make it through the days sometimes! Hang in there and thanks for sharing xo

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