Signs That I Missed In Detecting Autoimmune Disease

Hey Guys! Okay, so I know I’ve talked about this before but I had signs of autoimmune disease when I was growing up we ignored. If you have any symptoms of anything I recommend getting checked out before its too late-better to be safe than sorry. I am just going to go into some of the things I’ve experienced that are common with autoimmune disease. I read an article that brought me to this realization on


I’ve had major major issues with fatigue my whole life. I never thought anything of it other than I was a growing teenager or child. I mean 8 hours of sleep can’t even satisfy the fatigue I have. I am always always tired. Coffee doesn’t work, adderall doesn’t work. It’s for sure a major issue in my life because I have to nap constantly.

Muscle Weakness, Muscle Pain, & Joint Pain

I started having problems with this more and more as my autoimmune disease has developed particularly this year. You probably recall me talking about how I feel like I’m stuck in an 80 year old’s body–this is why. Also, when I was younger (and still now), I had this burning pain in my back when I was stressed and no one could figure out why and well all I can say is wooooowwww.

Swelling/ Inflammation

This is kind of new still. During my flares my right eye swells up so-that’s always good.

Susceptibility to Infections

Hahahahahahaha is all I can say. Lemme just tell you this year alone I’ve had multiple sinus infections, walking pneumonia, and regular colds. Whenever anyone sneezes or coughs on me I know I am done and down for the count.

Sleep Disturbances

This has been really hard my whole life. I’ve always had trouble falling asleep or just sleeping. This summer I’ve pulled multiple all nighters because my body has been so uncomfortable. I can’t keep a consistent sleep schedule which is really tough on me and my body.

Weight Loss or Weight Gain

I’ve always been struggling with this and my doctor has now explained to me why. Even if I eat super healthy I still always feel fat. It’s so annoying to think your body can’t maintain its weight. I just came out of a super skinny phase and now I am gaining weight. In the past 3 years I’ve had a 50 pound weight flux. I am trying so hard not gain a ton of weight but this summer I’ve gained 15 pounds even with eating healthy.

Low Blood Sugar

I shake a lot sometimes. I get real shaky and lightheaded if I don’t eat every few hours.

Blood Pressure Changes

Well recently I have been diagnosed with POTTS. This is when you get dizzy or light headed especially when you stand up from a sitting or laying down position. My doctor has ordered me to drink AT LEAST two gatorades a day. (Hey Gatorade if you wanna sponsor me, let me know). And when I go to the beach or pool, one EVERY HOUR.

Allergies/ Digestive Problems

Well I have some major digestive issues and some allergies. I recently found out I can no longer have peanuts or nuts or nut products because I have a major intolerance (so yes I tell people I am allergic to get the point across). I think I may have some other intolerances but we are currently looking into that.

Memory Issues

I have the memory of a goldfish (which is practically nothing). I have had so much trouble taking tests in college because I cannot retain information.


WELL guys I think you know about this. I’ve had an almost 4 year constant headache (haha can you imagine, how well I can tolerate pain now?! My threshold is really strong now).  I am just waiting (impatiently) for this headache to finally break because I am highly annoyed.

Sorry this post was so long, but I thought it was super interesting. My body has given me subtle signs for as long as I can remember (clearly, I have memory issues so who knows how long that is…) but if you have multiple symptoms like I described it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look into it just to be safe!

Xx, Sydney



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  1. So much of what is here is exactly what I went through. Never did I think that it was related to something bigger. I also didn’t realize when I started to be given diagnoses that those things were autoimmune issues.

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