Semester Goals

I really want this semester to be the best semester yet! I am entering my senior year of college and the journey is almost over. It’s been a roller coaster ride but I’ve mostly enjoyed every moment, and I will miss and not miss certain aspects. I decided to do a semester goals instead of a Fall Bucketlist: A. Because I live in Florida–so what fall? B. To be a little bit different! So here we go!

1. Have “me time” once a week

I really have been focusing on myself more this summer. When I am upset I love getting Lush bath bombs, lighting candles, and just relaxing. It is completely soothing and it makes me forget about my worries. Plus I love smelling good after!

2. Enjoy the weekends/ Adventure more

I have not adventured much since being in school and being sick. I really want to start going to farmers markets every month or to a different beach for once–just get out there and do.

3. Keep working out with my trainer

I tend to work out two to three times week with my trainer. I’ve really built up my core strength and feel so good about it. My energy is up after working out and the endorphins get pumped up.ย  So I just got to keep doing this for myself!

4. Eat healthy

I’ve been doing this but I could be doing better. I need to cut out more carbs and sugar. I crave the sugar because of my fatigue. I try to get a sugar rush for energy but clearly it just makes you more tired after eating it.

5. Get good grades

This I’ve been doing pretty well. I just want to continue to do my best and keeping getting my GPA higher.

6. Focus less on the negatives surrounding me

This has been really hard. I consistently compare myself to others and its really killing me. I focus on how different I am then everyone and it’s so unhealthy. I also focus on how much weight I’ve gained and don’t really focus on that I really can’t help it and it’s not my fault.

7. Work on feeling better

I have a big phone call on Friday to figure out my complete diagnosis and my treatment plan. I need to calm down about it but I’ve been so nervous. I am finally glad we are going in the right direction for once and hopefully I will make it into remission sometime soon.

8. Do what makes me happy

I haven’t really been doing the quite honestly. It’s really hard for me to do because I am so limited to what I can do. I think this semester I really need to focus on myself and grow as a person.

9. Go out less

I really haven’t been feeling well after going out mentally. I realize I cannot keep up with my friends and it makes my life so much harder than it needs to be. I come home feeling so down and I really don’t need that anymore. Yes I go for the social aspect but sometimes it can be too much for me.

10. Dress up moreย 

I usually just wear a t-shirt, leggings, and no make up. I have bought some new clothes lately and I want to dress up more. I need to start putting in more effort and take cute pictures for my blog!!

What are your goals for the next few months! I’d be curious to know!

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12 thoughts on “Semester Goals

  1. These are some great goals. Mine are pretty similar for the new academic year, I definitely need to get better with my work-play balance. I often forget how important it is to relax as I think social time is a good enough substitute, but you’re right that a chill night is really important. xo

  2. These are great college goals! I enjoyed my time in college, too and I agree that there will be things that you will miss more than others. Congratulations on making your senior year, and I’m looking forward to congratulating you again when you graduate!

  3. Senior year I swear is the busiest, hardest, but most rewarding year in my opinion. Good luck! Just seeing your goals it looks like you’re going to do amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Do what make me happy is a big one for me this year too! I feel like I’ve lived my live up to about a year ago in a way just to make everyone around me happy and I’m just learning how to make decisions based on what makes me happy rather than those around me.

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