Rough Patch

Hey guys-

So I assume you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from me. I’ve had a lot going on and I am really having trouble with my fatigue. This week is especially hard. I was giving a presentation in class and almost fainted. The whole day I ended up in bed so lightheaded it was horrible. Today, I am still in bed unwell. I am hoping it passes but it’s just been hard balancing school and really not feeling well. My blog is always in the back of my head and I always want to write but never have the energy to write anymore. For spring break, I went home and had more tests done (11 viles of blood!). I get my results next week and was put in a study for a potential new autoimmune disease. I am honestly just so ready for answers and so sick of not feeling well. But in other news, my birthday was last month! I turned 21!! It’s so crazy how fast I grew up. I am working out 3 times a week with a trainer now and I’ve gotten pretty strong. I hope you guys are doing well and I will try to get back on track with my blog when things calm down a little bit.

Sydney xx


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