Real Neat Blogging Award!

Thank you so much to craftschronicillnessandadulting ( for the nomination!


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Here are my seven questions!!

  1. What was the best thing that has happened to you lately?

The best thing that has happened to me lately is that I am feeling alot better! I was so scared I would never get to the point where I am now, and its so rewarding!

2. If you could get the truth to one question, what would it be?

My question would be where do we go when we die?

3. What is the secret to a happy relationship ( ANY type or relationship)?

Treat others the way you want to be treated and give more than you receive!

4. Is there anything you regret because you didn’t do it?

Yes, I am sure there are many things I regret not doing-but the biggest is not telling someone who passed away a few years ago that I loved them before they passed. 

5. What is your favorite food, drink or dessert?

I can’t pick one! I love comfort food like mac and cheese and pizza and everything brownie, cookie and ice cream–so all junk food LOL. 

6. If you could spend an afternoon with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner LOL so if you guys are reading hit me up!

7. When is the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?

I am always laughing everyday so probably yesterday to be honest haha. 

I really suck at nominating people and coming up with questions, so I encourage anyone who’s reading this to come up with questions and answer them!!!!


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