Quick Update!

So school is just around the corner which means that I won’t be able to post as much. I’ve decided that I am going to post three days a week! So, I think I am going to do Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s the way my class schedule is. Unless I decide to do Sunday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s. I will know for sure after I go to the first week of my classes.

Today I also was on a phone call with my doctor. It wasn’t the information I was hoping to get but it was progress. I am not going to lie I did cry because I was frustrated but I know within a short fews months I will start treatment. It’s been really hard for me to function as you guys know and I think that’s what’s getting me. The other thing is there is no known real name for my disease which is crazy. It’s Crohns like but its not Crohns. I was honestly hoping it to come back as Crohns and of course it didn’t. I was hoping that we would know what to do for sure but now it just depends on what infusions my doctors want to try. I want to get into remission so I can be young and not pretend to be a grandma. Like tonight is time everyone is back at school and everyone is going out. Me? Nah, too much I am too tired. I know it sounds so antisocial but I can’t really help it when I am like this. If I push I won’t end up in a good way!

I am hoping to but some good content together for you guys for this next week! I need to do a little bit of brainstorming but hopefully I will have some good upcoming posts!


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