Pro’s and Con’s of Social Media

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Lately, I’ve been kinda upset with social media. Because I’ve been by myself most of the summer, and healing I haven’t been able to do much. I read in an article that social media can make you depressed because you start comparing yourself to other people. For me, it just makes me kind of sad. I am so young and I should be out making memories, instead of cooped up inside of a house. My friends all seem to be happy, and making memories-which is great, but I’d like to as well. Posting on Instagram & Snapchat is like a competition for some people. They have to seem like they have it all to make other people feel bad about themselves. For me, social media doesn’t do that but let me explain the cons it does do to someone sick.

Someone sick who views others people’s lives can be upsetting. You realize what you’re missing out in, in life which really sucks. You realize where you are, and what’s going on. Also, how happy other people are, or at least look. Although I don’t like to compare myself to other people, in some situations it happens more as envy. I wish I could be bored and healthy rather than have limits. But enough about the complaining, there a some great things social media can do.

Pro’s Pro’s Pro’s!

There are lots of pro’s in social media. Social media’s strongest trait is being able to keep people connected. For me, I can say that that’s 100% true. Through social media, I’ve been able to keep up with my friends as much as possible. I get to hear and see their different adventures, and live vicariously through them. My most important pro with social media is my blog. My blog has helped me stay sane. My follower’s also put such a smile on my face. I love hearing about your stories, suggestions, and so much more. I am so thankful I get to touch so many lives, and in a way I feel like thats one of the reasons I am here. I believe that everyone has a reason they are here. Whether it be to invent something or make difference in someone’s life they have a purpose. My purpose is to teach people about young people being sick and engaging with them to explain to them we don’t need pity, just positivity. So, I ask you while reading to think about what you think your purpose in life is, and if you don’t know now you will eventually.



4 thoughts on “Pro’s and Con’s of Social Media

  1. I think social media really comes down to how you use it. If you use it to express yourself (not a fake version of yoself either) and to stay connected to others, then that’s great. But when people reach the point that they’re not willing to put down their phones and laptops like ever to live “in the real world” for five minutes there’s probably a problem. I was hanging out with some friends recently and it kinda drove me nuts because I hadn’t hung out with them in awhile or anything and the whole time they wouldn’t stay off their phones at all. I get that checking social media is fun and can be important, but when you’re hanging out with others I think you should limit the use of it-I mean what’s the point if you can’t be “social” in rl because of social media? Haha anyways that’s my thoughts and sorry this comment turned out soooo long

    1. No I really loved this! You really brought some important points up that I completely agree with! Thank you so much!

  2. One of my “go to – life motos” is : nothing’s as it seems. People can alter so much things on social media… And that’s not even a bad thing. Everybody posts the nice and positive aspects of their lives. All the rest is to be taken care of in private. Otherwise one might turn out to be too attention seeking by posting everything on social media. I really respect what you’re doing with your blog, to try and show us how it is to live a life with your condition. You should be proud of yourself 🙂 There is a lot of people who are perfectly healthy and yet they’re doing nothing with their life. So, keep up the good work! take care, xo

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