Picky Food Eater Gets Picky-er

Warning: Consult your doctor for real diet advice, NOT ME…this is just my journey with food. 

Soooo when it comes to food I am pretty picky. Yes, I love junk food but I prefer to eat healthy on my own time. But I also hate meat, pork, turkey, ham, etc. I like chicken sometimes but not always and same goes with fish. With autoimmune disease can come food intolerances. During treatment, I have had to keep a food diary everyday correlating the past 3 months with how felt and what I ate that days. The results are astonishing. My doctor figured out I have a nut intolerance. Therefore, I can not have anything with nuts or nut products in it anymore. I feel empty but I have found useful replacements like sunflower butter (it’s actually really good).

This week I got to see my doctor. I told him I still don’t feel right after I eat sometimes so the next thing to go is dairy. Which will basically make me……VEGAN. Yes, this word has negative and positive connotations to it. But actually, I’m pretty excited. I watched this documentary on Netflix called What The Health and it really changed my perspective on food–for the good and bad. I am really sad to give up yogurt, cheese, and ice cream the most I think. If anyone has any good vegan tips or recipes I would greatly appreciate them!


3 thoughts on “Picky Food Eater Gets Picky-er

  1. Too bad you can’t have nuts as many vegan products and recipes use cashews and other nuts. Coconut is excellent for your health and you can make mousse with coconut creme or milk and use coconut butter in recipes and cooking. I would not recommend soy anything…awful food.

    1. I know it’s so limiting so it’s gonna be hard for sure. I actually have coconut butter at home so I will for sure take your advice!

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