People are Selfish

One thing I’ve learned in college is that people are so selfish. They will run you over, ditch you, and do whatever they want. When you are the person being run over it’s the worst feeling ever. I constantly let myself get run over and used and I am so done. I don’t understand why I let myself get used. I think that I am too nice and go way out of my way to please people. I need to focus on myself and be more selfish. I already have a pretty tough life as it is and it’s just added stress on me. It’s something I really don’t understand because I am not that type of person to act like that. It just blows my mind that people can act in such a way. I’ve learned that you need to find a good core group of friends and that’s all you need. I’ve eliminated most of the toxic people in my life and it’s so liberating. You can’t surround yourself with negative energy. My roommates from last year were more than hell and they made my life extremely hard for no reason at all. Living in such a situation made me so depressed and significantly damaged my self confidence. I regret not moving out when I had the opportunity because I needed to. I think it also made me much sicker because it was a lot of added stress on me. Another thing I learned in college is that no matter how nice you are, people are still absolutely psycho. You meet so many different types of people throughout college, and some you won’t understand how they function as a human being. You only have one life and you don’t want to spend it miserable. Being sick has really given me an alternative outlook on life. I see people in such a different way. They [people] take so many opportunities and just life in general for granted. It’s not fair but that’s how life works. You’ll never understand it and there’s really no reason to spend the time trying to understand it. It’s so important to spend time on yourself and really finding yourself. This is something I really need to do because I feel like I haven’t really found who I am yet. I think this is because being so sick I’ve missed out on the “normal” life of growing up and making mistakes. I mean I’ve made mistakes don’t get me wrong. But I haven’t exactly had the time to find myself. Now that I am healing, I will get the opportunity to try to. I’ve started by making it a habit to eat healthy and work out everyday. My first goal on getting back up on my feet, is losing the 20 lbs. my medicine has caused me to gain. In fact, I encourage you all to set goals for yourself, as I will too. Write them down, and see how far you are able to come. Don’t get down if you don’t achieve them as quickly as you thought you would. After all, you have one life to live and you shouldn’t spend it full of regrets.


2 thoughts on “People are Selfish

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I had “best friends” in college and after sophomore year they ditched me and completely forgot I existed. It’s hard when you care for people who don’t care for you. It’s sucks and I ended up going through my last two years of college friendless. It was tough, but I did it. Try to not let selfish people get you down. Your feelings are valid and they don’t need you if they can’t see how much you actually mean. 💞

    1. I am so sorry! People are so mean, especially girls. You are so strong and I’m glad you moved past it! Keep looking forward not backwards 😊

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