Not Letting My Disease Define Me~

Define yourself. Well for me, that would be hard to do without defining the impact of my disease but it’s do-able. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is: your disease does not define who you are. Sure it’s a part of you, but it’s not all of you. This was a point that was hard to get in my head at first since my whole life has revolved around my illness for the past three years.

It’s important to really know what defines who you are. Is it your smile, your big eyes or your amazing personality? Whatever it is, it shouldn’t be your illness. Your illness is just something that is an obstacle to overcome. It gives you the tools to be able to alter your personality for the better or worse. For me, I can say it’s been for the best. I’ve learned to be more thankful, independent, honest, and brave. My pain tolerance has soared since getting sick. I feel like I can take most of anything that comes my way now. My illness has prepared me for the unexpected obstacles in my life, and for that reason I am super thankful. I am not saying it is even close to easy, but always try to turn something negative into a positive. This concept helps you have a better outlook over all. You need to look at the world with a glass half full if you expect to go anywhere good in life.

Just remember, the physical aspects of life don’t always define who you are or who you could be.


19 thoughts on “Not Letting My Disease Define Me~

  1. I have Multiple Sclerosis–have had it for years. It has stolen so very much from me that I can’t disregard it. I also have Complex Trauma, Complex PTSD, and I recently was faced with circumstances that could have taken my life away with the swipe of a pen–not mine.

    So glad you are taking this course of action. I suppose I am, too–with the swipe of MY pen.

  2. Good on you! This is how my parents raised me. My dad would quote Monty Python “Always look on the bright side of life”. Your life is what you make it, live it! I lost my leg when I was a baby and became blind in one eye. But one thing I haven’t done is let it define me! There is so much more to me than my disabilities! xx

  3. I hear you – I have crohns disease and I’ll be damned if I’ll let it define what I do. I’ve had a bad few months health-wise but y’know what, doesn’t matter, I’m finally doing what I really want to do with my business and actually if I hadn’t got crohns I wouldn’t have had the life revelation that enabled me to make the leap from corporate drone to business owner. I am not my disease! None of us are.

  4. You can’t let it steal more than it must from you, either! Today I posted about getting ready for a family camping trip. How do we keep enjoying our lives when our bodies refuse to cooperate?

    Hint: for camping, my RA requires an investment in a big, sturdy cot! 🙂

    I can’t let this stupid disease prevent me from giving my kids all the experiences I loved as a kid. I just have to figure out the tweaks to make it possible.

    Hope you’re having a healthy day. We’ve had comfortable temperatures and I’ve had some down time to relax. Yay!

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