New Make Up Haul

So if anyone knows me, they know I can’t leave a make up store without make up. I have a really bad addiction and will spend hundreds of dollars on make up no problem. So here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder in Cupcake and Bake and Blend Face Brush


I am currently teaching myself how to bake my face. If you don’t know what that is then I will explain. Basically baking is where you put some type of light brightening powder under your eyes, under your contour, and in the middle of your forehead. You let it sit and “bake” into your face with your body heat for a few minutes. It’s supposed to smooth out the make up creases under your eyes and brighten and highlight.

Better Than Sex Mascara


MY FAVORITE. If you have not tried this mascara you’re truly missing out. It’s $25 which is expensive but its worth every cent.

The next products I haven’t tried yet, but if anyone has please let me know!

MAC Prep + Prime Spray


I heard that this is some really good stuff. Apparently it smells good and it was only $12. So I am hoping to use it as primer.

Eyelure Wispy Lashes


I have used Eyelure before but not these eyelashes. I looooove Eyelure lashes. They’re reasonable and reusable and I like that they come in a 3 pack.

NYX HD Photogenic Studio Concealer and Corrector  


NYX is my favorite drugstore brand. They’re reasonable and their products are really good quality.


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  1. I love the products you chose. MAC Prep + Prime is also a favorite of mine and really the star of my makeup kit. Then, I’m really curious about that mascara. The before and after pictures on the packaging is INSANE!!!!

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