Nervous for School

I am not doing a week #2 update for my diet because my week got kind of messed up from my colonoscopy, I will do one next week! You guys, I am so so nervous for school to start back up. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited but more nervous. I just don’t feel the same. I don’t want to socialize as much and I am just not as wild as most college kids are. I also am not comfortable in my own body right now still. I decided to take three classes in one day and I am not sure how I am going to hold up doing it. Thats a lot for me in one day. I hope to be more busy this semester and focus more on myself. I want to grow as a person and just keep doing me. I think this semester has a lot of potential and I am going to stay as positive as I can with it. It’s so important to do your best.

I am also excited because my little brother is coming to school with me this year! It’s going to be so interesting because we haven’t been in the same school since middle school. I think we won’t fight as much and I’m hoping we become closer. After all, we only have each other in the end. We’ve actually stopped fighting as much and talk everyday when I am back at my apartment. Maybe we will actually hang out and have fun! I’ll let you guys know if we survive together haha.


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