My Review: Ipsy July 2017 Bag

Hey guys! So I recently subscribed to Ipsy to see what all the hype is about. I really like that they give you tips on how to do your make up and all things beauty on their website as well as a cute bag every month. There were somethings in my bag I loved and hated at the same time so I can wait to share my thoughts with you!

The Bag:


I like how they used their mascot on their bag! The bag is super cute but I couldn’t see myself really using this one that much because I’m more of a fan of simpler designs.

Hempz Lips


First of all, I LOOOOVE Hempz products. I have their primer and extender tanning lotions and they are the best. I really really like this lip balm. It smells super fruity and is very moisturizing. I 10/10 would recommend this product. Great pick Ipsy!

Cougar 24-hour Liquid Lipstick

The clear lip balm is Hempz

Let me just start off saying I was a fan and now I am not. I really liked the color and how it stays on forever but it smears big time. Over the weekend, I was in the mall eating lunch and the lip stain somehow spread all the way to my chin. I tried to fix it but I just made it worse. It was super embarrassing and I probably won’t use this product again. Plus the fact that you practically have to scrub it off your lips. I did like the color though.

Ciate Wonderwand Gel Kohl Liner


For some reason my headers, aren’t working anymore lol. Anyway, I do really like Ciate products as well. I have some nail polishes by them and its really good quality. I haven’t tried the eyeliner yet, but I can just tell it will be something I love.

Ofra Gold Rush Eyeshadow


This reminds me of a dupe for an Urban Decay Naked palette color. The only thing bad about it I can say so far is that it doesn’t come in a case which is a little bit of an issue considering I don’t have an empty palette I can put it in.

What did you guys get in your Ipsy bag this month?! Xx


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