My New Room!

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to show you some cute different accessories I got for my new room. You don’t have to spend big to make your room or place look great. For most of my stuff, I used  Wayfair &  Homegoods (I was not paid for this post, I genuinely love these stores). Wayfair is online but has great deals, and HomeGoods is like a TJ MAXX.

My New Room!

I love my new room! I finally have an updated style for my age LOL. But now I’m going to show you some key pieces that are my favorites.


I looove pillows! You can dress something up or down with pillows. They make great accents on a bed or a couch. Here are two accent pillows I got from HomeGoods:


Lamps are also a great accessories. You’ll be able to tell I am super into Pineapples in a second. This just really stood out to me because it turns pink and I am in love with the color pink. Its from HomeGoods as well!

*Insert Spongebob Here*

Side Tables

I got this super cute side table for only $40 (HomeGoods again)! Most the time side tables can be around $100. I love mirrors and silver. I decided that silver was going to be my accent color.



I got this super cute all class candelabra. I don’t trust myself with fire so I got some fake candles to put in it.  Both from HomeGoods.

Looks real..but fake is always the way to go with flowers that you really like

Ohhhhhhh,Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?!


Here comes my obsession with pineapple again. I got this super cute picture from Wayfair-along with my bed spread.

Hope you guys enjoyed! My room’s not fully done but I think you get the idea!

Xx Sydney


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