My #MeToo

When my situation happened, #metoo wasn’t a thing. When my situation happened I was bullied for coming forward. I don’t usually like to talk about my situation because it brings back horrible memories. But honestly, I’ve blacked it out in my mind so I don’t fully remember what happened.

All I know is that it escalated over weeks and I couldn’t do it anymore. It happened in a high school classroom. I was a junior, he was a junior. The teacher was there. Students were there. Multiple people witnessed it. But did anyone try to help me? Nope. When I walked out crying, no one was there to comfort me. In fact, the teacher found me in the hallway and started yelling at me for telling my mom. It turned into a mess. I couldn’t go to school for months because it was promised that the boy would not come near me.

The promises were broken and I felt violated once again. He would circle me in the hallways and try to threaten me. He was put back in my classes. It seemed like he got everyone against me and it was the talk of the century. I don’t regret telling higher authority but even they didn’t do anything to help me.

Finally, women are getting the respect we are owed. We needed this for a long time.


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