My Essentials Things to Bring to the Hospital

So I am often in and out of the hospital and I wanted to share my must haves with you. Hospitals can be so uncomfortable and cold. I try to make it as comfortable as I can. Here’s my list of things I typically bring:

Fuzzy Blanket

This is a must. I have million blankets. Some people call me a blanket hoarder. But it gets super cold and the hospital blankets aren’t always that nice.


I live in these on the regular so I always have them with me. I don’t like wearing the gowns so I will do everything in my power to not have to wear them.

Comfy Pajama Pants

I wore these all the time when I was in the hospital for 10 days. You can actually sometimes find good ones in the hospital gift shop.

Big T-Shirts

I live in these on the regular.


For Netflix sessions and Facetime sessions with my friends!

Computer/ I PAD

This is a big deal. I need to try to keep up with school.


Hospital food is grrrrrooooosssss. I never want to eat it again. I’d honestly rather starve.

Sorry I’ve been really busy and not feeling well lately. I’ll probably have to go into the hospital sometime soon so this has been on my mind.



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