Happy Saturday, everyone! So lately I’ve been getting in weird moods. I don’t like it. I am someone who tries to be upbeat and positive and happy and it’s been the complete opposite. My weight is just really bothering me. I am so insecure and every time I go out I feel like everyone is judging me. I rarely post instagram photos because of the way I look. I mean I am not obese and but I bigger than I normally am. In my head I feel gigantic. I know I’m supposed to give myself a break. I am working out and trying my best ( I could eat a little bit better, gotta work on that) but besides that I am doing everything I can. My doctor said the weight will slide off once I get my treatments and stuff but I couldn’t be more impatient than I am. I want it to happen now. I also am frustrated at the speed that this diagnosing and treatment plan is going. It’s been months and I’m just hoping that it will speed up. Everyone in my group is getting IVIG and I am so behind. They’ve made more progress than me and I’d like to catch up to them! I need to work on getting into a better mindset. After, I work out I notice that I feel much better and my mood is improved. I just have to find the gym in my new place and start going alongside with going to my trainer.


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