I haven’t been feeling well lately, guys. My mood and my physical self are just off. I want so much more for myself but it’s not happening right now. I want to do and see so many things but I live such a limited life. I don’t want to have limitations, I don’t want to take 15 pills a day, and I don’t want to constantly worry about my body. I just want to be me and celebrate every day of life to the fullest. I have so many set backs that just keep adding up and it’s been really getting to me. I’ve been trying so hard to keep up with my friends and it’s just not working. I don’t understand why this is happening to me but it is and I have to work on myself. I have to work on loving myself as well because right now I hate everything about me. It’s just so hard to go through something like this and expect to love yourself. I am going to start going on adventures by myself and stop sitting in my bed. I’m constantly in my bed and that needs to stop. I am taking my class and working on getting closer to graduating. I am also constantly working out with my personal trainer (with no success with loosing weight; but for sure my core has gotten stronger). I just need to do some more fulfilling stuff and I need to figure out what that is exactly. Hopefully I can come up with some stuff.


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  1. Winston Churchill once said, “When you’re going through Hell, keep going.” Hang in there. You may not be able to control what is going on around you, people, things, situation, or what is happening to you you, health. But one thing you always have control over is your attitude. <3 🙂

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