I haven’t had much content to post because I have been having writer’s block and also been busy with school. This week I literally have two projects and a midterm. I’m sort of stressed out to be honest. I know I am only taking 13 credits (now 12 because I had to drop a one credit class–I am way too far behind) but it’s still rough because I am sicker than last semester. Today I studied in Starbucks from 9:30am to 12pm and I was completely wiped out after. I went home ate, and took a two hour nap. Everything I do is a marathon for my body and I am still so curious as to why.

I am super nervous for my midterm. My professor hasn’t really told us what is on it until this Tuesday. The actual midterm is Thursday which will be horrible for me because I cannot grasp things that quickly. I have my accommodations but after the review tomorrow I am going try to gage how bad I am actually going to suffer from this. The midterm is worth 50% of our grade. The rest of the days we just sit while he lectures for two hours (mostly just tells stories about experiences in Alaska). I of course, I can’t pay attention that long because of my brain fog and everything so I try to multi-task. Either way I am hoping I do extremely well on this or I could be retaking another class which would push my graduation further back then already scheduled.

On another note…

The best part of this month is that it’s fall and everything pumpkin. I have two pumpkin spice candles going and my whole room smells like fall. I also have different pumpkins all over my room and I just had pumpkin spice coffee. I am a little obsessed with pumpkin.

If all goes well, maybe I will go on an adventure this weekend and have new content and pics! I’ll keep you updated.


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