Learning to Love Yourself

This is an extremely personal post. Learning to love myself is a hard struggle right now. My body is ever-changing and it can be very overwhelming for me. Earlier this year, I was getting too skinny due to being poisoned on my medication. I thought I looked amazing. I felt much more confident in wearing different things and in pictures, I was very pleased with my appearance. Then, as I started to go through treatment, I started gaining some weight back. Food started to taste better to me, but I was still mindful of what I was putting in my body. To this day, I am still mindful of what I put in my body. But I constantly have to remind myself, how different I am now then I was a few months ago. It is a lot harder for me to put on a bathing suit now, then it was then. It’s a lot harder putting on certain outfits, and taking pictures because I see a difference. In this process, I am learning a tough lesson–which is to love yourself for who you are. No matter what size, or what shape, or  your physical appearance issues–you always should love who you are because you only have yourself in the end.


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