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Ugh, okay guys I’m about to get really real here. I hardcore struggle with my weight and have been for a long time. Sometimes I’m super heavy and others I’m super skinny. A lot of people don’t know that it’s medication related. Some of my medicines have made me loose a bunch of weight and some make me gain weight. I hate it, haaaaatttteee it. I just wanna be skinny. It’s all I think about 24/7. I step on the scale out of guilt now. Ate that cookie, up 10 lbs. Ate that carrot, 10 lbs. up. I have acknowledged that I do have an eating problem. Sometime I binge, sometimes I starve. It’s not good, not good at all. In fact, the way I eat affects how I feel. If I don’t each much I feel way worse. It effects my headache and level of pain I am in.

Right now, I am struggling with accepting I’ve gained around 15 lbs. I work so hard at school to stay skinny, and during the summer it’s A LOT harder. It’s worse when I am sick too. I am really limited to exercise (around 20 mins WALKING on the treadmill, only). On my old meds I watched my weight pour away, eating whatever I wanted to. That was the life. Tonight my doctor told me he can’t fix everything but he is gonna try to get me on a better regime regarding my medicine making me gain weight. He said I could eat as many carrots and apples as I want and  I won’t gain weight. LOL watch me, I gain weight off of AIR ALONE. Anyway, does anyone have any good idea’s to keep weight off from medication related issues?? Would be much appreciated! xoxo


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  1. Lamictal made me gain weight. I found an excercise I loved (biking and then yoga in the cold months) and I used MyFitnessPal to count calories. Turns out I wasn’t eating *that bad* I was just eating too much. I also cut out more sugar and ate less processed foods. After being unable to lose for two years, I finally got down to a healthy weight (lost 26lbs!) Let me know if you meed ANY advice. I understand the struggles of meds and side effects and I get it. Hopefully you find something that works for you!

    1. No way! I’m on lamictal (will be on max dose in 2 more weeks) I think that may be a contributor! I got a Fitbit and count calories that way but yes I’ll take any of your advice! I’m so glad you find something that works for you!!

      1. What are you on it for? I have epilepsy. It’s weird when I was on it before I had my daughter it made me lose so much weight and then when I went back on it after I gave birth I gained weight and it was very hard to get rid of it. Then he increased my dose several times and I started to lose weight but at that time I had already started trying to exercise and eat better so it’s hard to say which one contributed maybe it was both. I am now off of Lamictal because the side effects were too bad for me and I lost even more weight but I didn’t change my lifestyle so I’m thinking that it was my lifestyle change that helped and not the Lamictal. I also started Clonopin and it started to help me get a better sleep because the Lamictal was preventing that I wasn’t getting a deep sleep so I had a constant headache. But once I started getting better sleep I had less stress and I had less headaches and I was able to exercise and eat better and it’s funny the more you eat right and exercise the better you feel mentally and physically. I started the vegan diet to see if it would help because they’re having a hard time treating my epilepsy and now we’re trying birth-control and I’m worried that Will make me gain weight again. So I totally get it and the fears that come along with taking new medication and the horrible side effects.

      2. I’m actually on it for my headaches and autoimmune disease. We are trying to get it under control and calm down my sympathetic nervous system so this is one of the many medications I am on to help. It’s actually been helping me a lot with the pain and I’ve noticed a lot of improvement pain wise since being on it. Before that I was misdiagnosed so I was toxic on acetazolmide which helped me drop over 50 lbs. when I’m sicker I don’t eat as much so that also helped. Since getting off of it and feeling better I’ve been eating more and food tastes better to me! I’m usually on a diet as well cutting carbs sugars etc. out eating mostly Greek yogurt fruit veggies tofu and cheese and a few other things! I’ve partially gained weight because of my being bed bound most of the time but I’m starting to get more active. I find it so interesting how it affect people so many different ways. I hope that your epilepsy gets better I know that’s really tough. I can’t believe you had trouble sleeping on it! It actually has helped me sleep better haha strange world we live in!

      3. Lamictal was awful for sleep. And it gave me horrible panic attacks. My husband was talking me down constantly! It is interesting to see how different meds affect different people, and all the different things you can treat with one pill! I’m so glad it’s working out for you. I hope your doctors can figure everything out! All that matters right now is being healthy, right? And if the pic you shared is recent, Girl you look great! Don’t beat yourself up! You’re ill, but you aren’t letting it get you. Just take care of yourself first, and the rest will come along.

  2. I have suffered with the same thing for years, I was like a chubby kid growing up and it just stuck with me so even at my skinniest I still felt fat I even went through BDS and its so difficult to explain to people who have never gone through this kind of problem. I am also on medication for anxiety so I have lost a huge amount of weight and it does not help when family members label me as anorexic.So thank you so much for letting me know I am not alone.

    1. Wow your story is incredible, thank you so much for sharing. You are so strong keep up the great work, and don’t let anyone demean you. Xx

  3. I totally understand. I have diabetes and it revolves SOLELY around food. I have been counting carbs since I was seven. SEVEN! And there was a time when I was restricted to a certain amount of carbs throughout the day. Even now, I deal with food guilt. If I eat that, it will make my blood sugar high, that food is bad. In my early teenage years I was super restrictive with my diet and lost a ton of weight, almost to the point of obsession. Since then I have focused on nourishing my body and worrying less about the scale and have been able to manage my blood sugars and weight much better. Love yourself and work towards keeping you healthy!

    1. Wow, thats so hard. I have a friend who deals with that on the regular as well and I have so much respect for you guys. Keep up the great work, love your attitude! Xx

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