I’m Gluten-Free?!

Hey guys!!I have some news: I’m officially gluten-free. I’m not doing this just because I want to. My doctor is slowly eliminating foods are seeing what I’m really sensitive to. It turns out gluten is one of them! Also, all nuts bother me (except pine nuts?!). It’s been a really interesting experience being gluten-free. It sucks but at the same time I feel like it also helps you make healthier choices. There are also some good gluten-free foods out there. I’m thinking of reviewing some foods soon and making a list of what I really like that is gluten-free. Are any of you guys gluten-free? Do you have any good recommendations? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “I’m Gluten-Free?!

  1. Good luck! Think some places are starting to get some very good gluten free ranges in now. A few years ago I couldn’t eat gluten for a bit and trying to get gluten free alternatives was a night mare x

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