I’m Back!!

Well, I am finished my finals and you know what that means…back to my blog!!! So much has happened this semester I’ve barely been able to keep my head straight. Between late nights with my sorority and early morning classes my day was packed for a while. I had some good times and I had some bad but I have to remember I made it. I am 10x better than I was when I started the semester and I need to be thankful. I am up and going and able to do more and grow more each day. I am thankful for every good day I have. The only thing that is still a major challenge is my fatigue. I am not lazy, just tired. Always always tired. I have had a countless amount of coffee this semester. But the coffee wasn’t a cure. Hopefully the fatigue will be my next battle I will defeat. I need to eat healthy and eventually work out again. I need ideas of what to write. I know I have a request from someone about staying grounded and focused and I promise I will get to that! All I wanna do is be lazy and go shopping and do nothing. I love being unproductive because of my fatigue and it gets annoying but I need to push through.


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