I Swallowed A Camera?

Yes, you read that right. I swallowed a camera this morning. The camera is supposed to look at my digestive system as a whole. I have to wear this huge recorder and belt and drag it with me ALL day. I also haven’t eaten since breakfast yesterday (cue the drooling over any type of food mentioned). I am trying to keep myself distracted, hence this very vague and boring post. In about an hour, I get full liquids back!!

Yesterday I went to a support group for people like me. It was very interesting to hear everyones experiences especially since we all have a new disease that there is little information on. It is weird to say I have a new disease and doctors are working on its discovery. But the unknown can be scary. My outlook is good, as well as my prognosis. But I was saying at this group–I don’t even bother sharing this stuff when I meet new people. I want to be viewed as normal. But is there actually a normal? What is normal? My normal is way different than most peoples normals. I mean my normal is swallowing cameras, being poked and probed everywhere, and visiting doctors 24/7. But at the same time, I am doing this for YOU. YOU that doesn’t know that you have it yet. YOU that doesn’t know why you feel like crap. I want people to not have to go through what I go through on a daily basis. Of course, most people can go into remission with this disease. The how and when can be hard to determine. Everyday I know I am getting one day closer to remission. Still waiting for my IVIG but I am hoping that day comes soon.


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