Hurricane Irma Update #1

Hey guys-

Thanks so much for all of the beautiful comments I so appreciate each and everyone during this horrible time.I have finally packed my bags, and I’m headed far away from Irma tomorrow. I love love the sunshine state and hate to leave but safety first. What I’ve seen so far down here is desperate times. Gas stations are running out of gas, people are panicking left and right, no food or water at stores, and people fighting over parking spots to find out that there is no more water. I feel for the people that are going to have to stay here and make it won’t be easy whatsoever. All of my friends and family have been evacuating as fast as possible. For anyone in the effected areas reading this: stay strong, it’s going to be one of the toughest times in your life, but remember items are replaceable but you aren’t. You only have one life and that should be your priority, I pray that the storm is does not do as much damage as projected. All we can do at this scary time is just hang tight and pray.




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